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11th International Archaeological Film Festival – Day 6


The Greek Film Archive

Iera Odos 48, Athens


15 May 2022



The so-called archeological film does not only deal with the research, excavations, discoveries and monuments created by humans, but also with the conditions and the surrounding atmosphere of each era. It is a complex work with scientific, social, political, but mainly anthropological details. And these details do not concern the man of a specific geographical place and time, but the Man everywhere around the globe, the “Ecumenical Community”. This year’s event is dedicated to the ecumenical Mikis Theodorakis and will take place between the 10 and 16 May.

The idea of ​​an Archaeological Film Festival, which was missing from Greece, a country intertwined with the very concept of archaeology, was inspired by the director Memi Spyratou in 1995, after successive awards at similar festivals abroad.

Day 6

morning | πρωί

10:00     The retrieval of the lost | H ανάκτηση του χαμένου (Greece | Eλλάδα, 33’)

10:40     Dames et Princes de la Prehistoire | Κυρίες και Πρίγκιπες της Προϊστορίας (France | Γαλλία, 52’)

11:40     The Storyless Land (Iran | Ιράν, 35’)

12:15     The dream of eternal life | Το όνειρο της αιώνιας ζωής (Spain | Ισπανία, 53’)

13:15      The trace of time | Το ίχνος του χρόνου (Greece | Ελλάδα, 97’)


afternoon | απόγευμα

17:00     The dune people (France | Γαλλία, 57’)

18:10     The Islamic Baydhal Project  (Italy | Ιταλία, 21΄)

18:40     The lord of snow | Ο άρχοντας του χιονιού (Italy | Ιταλία, 52’)

19:45     Persepolis – Chicago (Iran | Ιράν, 40’)

20:30     The impossible narration: Memory and photography of the Kalavryta Slaughter |
Η αδύνατη αφήγηση. Μνήμη και φωτογραφία της σφαγής των Καλαβρύτων  (Greece | Ελλάδα, 25’)

21:00     Songs to the dead children in Auschwitz (Spain | Ισπανία, 13’)


Special Screening | Ειδική προβολή

21:20     Amen | ΑΜΗΝ

Tribute to Costa Gavras |Αφιέρωμα στον Κώστα Γαβρά


General Admission: 5€


The event follows all required guidelines of the public health authority to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Closest Metro Station: Keramikos

Metro to Venue: 4 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility YES


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