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1922-2022, 100 years of Memory, Creation, Rebirth


Numismatic Museum

Panepistimiou 12, Athens, Greece


28 May 2022



A moving tribute to one of the most difficult chapters of Greek history on a literary context and some of the most important Greek works written about the Asia Minor Catastrophe will be presented on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the loss of Smyrna in 1922.

An ode to the lost homelands, focusing on the works of great Greek writers, with roots from the land of Ionia: Number 31328, Serenity and Land of Aeolia by Elias Venezis, Bloody Earth and The Dead Are Waiting by Dido Sotiriou along with The Seventh Garment by Evgenia Fakinou.

At the same time we will enjoy a musical anthology with sounds and songs from the lost homelands. On stage, two unique lyrical voices, a multi-talented actress and three charismatic musicians. The soprano Lambrini Kartali (friendly participation), the tenor Christos Lazos, the actress Daizy Sembekopoulou (friendly participation), the pianist Veniamin Xadjikoumbaroglou, the violinist Christos Dalianis and Athina Kouki playing the qanun.

Audiovisual coverage: Alexis Gikas

Hairdressing: Konstantinos Koliousis

Garden of the Muses at Iliou Melathron

The event starts at 20:30

Duration: 90-120 minutes.

With an order of appearance

Co-production: Cornucopia

The event follows all required guidelines of the public health authority to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Closest Metro Station: Syntagma

Metro to Venue: 4 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility YES


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