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Athens Gardens Festival / Manouchedrome at the Pangrati Grove


Alsos Pangratiou

Eftichidou & Spirou Merkouri, Athens


29 May 2022



Athens Garden Festivals 2022

Within the framework of This is Athens City Festival, by the city of Athens

Athens Gardens festival started its journey in 2013 by the Athens Art Network, which had been created just a year prior, and consisted of many independent art groups. Since then, at the beginning of the tourist season, the festival presents the opportunity to find live world and classical music in selected Athenian gardens and parks with free entrance.

Swing concert by “Manouchedrome” accompanying the dance group “Rhythm Hoppers” in a swing party.

Event hours: 20:00-22:00

Pagrati grove is located in the Pagrati region of Athens and spans 30 acres. The grounds first started to be tended and planted in 1908 by princess Sofia. Later on, systematic planting of trees began, up until 1939 whereupon the Grove was given to the Municipality of Athens to be cared for and preserved. In a two year period the municipality integrated the wild local fauna into the park, turning it into a one of a kind space for recreation. During the German occupation however it was almost completely destroyed, both because of the invading forces and the Athenians’ need for wood to burn in the winter. From 1950 to 1974 the “Grove Theater” would regularly host plays until it was destroyed in a fire on the 19th of May 1974. It has since bounced back again to become a pole of attraction for Pagrati residents, housing theaters, open-air cinemas and cafes.

ManoucheDrome go on a musical journey starting from Django Reinhardt through Belgium and onto Paris where gypsy jazz met the swing accordion of Gus Viseur, and come all the way to Britain where gypsy jazz met english verse.Ever devoted to the idioms of yesteryear and the explosive voice of Nandia Manti ManoucheDrome invite the audience to “whistle” and dance along the musical rhythms of swing.Alongside them the dancing crew Rhythm Hoppers will get the party rolling , and everyone can join.

Nantia Manti:vocals

Alina Sapranidou:accordion

Dimitris Psallidas:guitar

Nikitas Fousteris:double bass

Nikos Spatoulas:guitar

Pavlos Logaras:percussion



The event follows all required guidelines of the public health authority to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Closest Metro Station: Evangelismos

Metro to Venue: 13 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility YES


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