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Benaki Museum of Islamic Art


Benaki Museum of Islamic Art

22 Ag. Asomaton & 12 Dipilou St., Athens


01 - 31 May 2022



Surrounded by the most important archaeological sites of Athens, next to the Ancient Agora, the Temple of Hephaestus, the Museum in the Attalos Stoa and the ancient Cemetery of Kerameikos, a wonderful museum focuses on a completely different culture, great and multi-faceted.

The Benaki Museum of Islamic Art is housed in a neoclassical complex of buildings in the centre of Athens, at the corner of Agion Asomaton and Dipylou streets, donated to the Benaki Museum in 1988 by Lambros Eftaxias, the late Honorary President of the Museum Board of Trustees.

It is one of the most important Islamic collections internationally and was created on the basis of Antonis Benakis’ personal collection from his time living permanently in Egypt. Over the years, the exhibits have been greatly enriched, while the 12,000 specimens currently on display at the Museum (pieces of ceramics, metalwork, gold smithing, weaving, woodcarving, glassmaking) are impressive in their historical significance and exceptional style.

For great fans of Islamic art, a whole new world will open up, taking visitors on a journey from the early Islamic to the Ottoman era and the evolution of Islamic culture up to the 19th century.


The event follows all required guidelines of the public health authority to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Closest Metro Station: Thessio

Metro to Venue: 4 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility NO


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