Villy Calliga: From X to Z Generations through Polaroids


06 - 17 May 2023


Mosaico Fine Art Studio

Kesarias 18, Athens


The project From X to Z – Generations through Polaroids brings together over 60 people of three different generations (X,Y,Z) in an attempt to record the “undateable moments” that unite these generations in the present continuum.

As Villy Calliga says:

“We feel nostalgic about a past that we only remember in fragments. We feel anxious about a future that is unknown and uncertain. In the meantime, there’s a present going by unnoticed. It’s like we’re carelessly leaving our moments in the past so that we can nostalgically think about them in the future. But life as a whole is a present continuum and therefore fleeting. Our every moment is unique and impossible to return. And that’s what makes it important.
Could we freeze this moment if we capture it in an image and print it immediately in a single photo? Could we abolish the notion of time with a photo that would give an unsuspecting viewer no clue about whether it was taken in 1985 or 2023? And if we can´t determine the time it was taken, would it be possible to determine the generation of the person in it?”.


Opening: Saturday 6 May at 18:00

Closest Metro Station: Megaro Moussikis

Metro to Venue: 10 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility No


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