Karolina Krasouli: Wish


01 - 06 May 2023


Kalfayan Galleries

Charitos 11, Athens


The exhibition of Karolina Krasouli at Kalfayan Galleries continues the artist’s research on the representation of visual phenomena, which are connected to the mechanisms of memory and language.

Her new works capture the multi-layered symbolism of a “wish”, and at the same time are “open” to interpretation. Krasouli’s “wishes” sometimes take the form of drawings with colored pencils on paper, while in other cases they are expressed through stitched canvases.

The latter are the result of a long process in which the artist prepares the canvas, creates the colors, paints the canvas with oil and gesso, and then artfully stitches it, concealing the seams. The artist “molds” the canvas into shapes that refer to, for example, folded pages of paper, books or envelopes. Through a process of reading and writing, the artist uncovers a set of mechanisms where meanings and sensations are “rewritten” with the aim to invent a new language between abstraction and representation.

Closest Metro Station: Evangelismos

Metro to Venue: 10 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility Yes


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