Local infection of the cosmopolitan: Koto-ba


02 - 07 May 2023


Vasi Hotel Athens

Vlachava 5, Athens


The exhibition “Koto-ba” is part of “Local infection of the cosmopolitan,” the open street fair of the Athens Commercial Triangle.

Contemporary artists from Greece and abroad present their work in locations that are less often explored, along with musical events, performances and slam poetry readings that create a modular tour of the historic Athenian Triangle.



In Japanese, language is referred to as “Koto-ba.” “Koto” is a void, “ba” are flower petals. In other words, the flower petals derive from a “void”, from a barren and dry land that may transform into the fertile ground where cherry trees may blossom. As words sprout from the void, they surround and dominate it.

The exhibition “Koto-ba” mobilizes photography as a reaction to the void.


Photographers: Eva Berler, Evgenia Efstathiou, Helen Mesadou, Mary Zografou, Vasia Zorbali

Curated by: Helen Mesadou

Closest Metro Station: Monastiraki

Metro to Venue: 5 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility Yes


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