Museum of Greek Children’s Art


01 - 31 May 2023


Museum of Greek Children’s Art

Kodrou 6, Athens


The Museum of Greek Children’s Art is a pioneering Museum, one of the very few worldwide that exhibits exclusively drawings and three dimensional artworks created by children 5 to 14 years old.

Learning through Art, the Museum of Greek Children’s Art, follows its original vision.

The Museum’s aim is to highlight the uniqueness of children’s Art
It offers the chance to get acquainted with Art from the early childhood
It is addressed to children and adults, parents, teachers, artists and scientists
It collaborates with institutions, professionals and researchers with relevant interests
The Museum’s collections include more than 10,000 drawings and 3D artworks created by children
It proposes an educational approach, enriched with Art items created by children
It contributes to the development of a young generation that will be more interested in Culture and Art

Closest Metro Station: Syntagma

Metro to Venue: 6 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility Yes


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