The Bread We Break: Heroes and Symbols of 1821


01 - 31 May 2023


Museum of Modern Greek Culture

Kladou 9, Athens


The Museum of Modern Greek Culture celebrates 200 years since the start of the Greek Revolution with “The Bread We Break: Heroes and Symbols of 1821.”

The exhibition aims to understand the impact of 1821 that remains alive as an element of collective memory, connecting the paintings of Yiannis Adamakis and the poems of Michalis Ganas to the rich collections of the Museum. Artifacts from the collections are joined by three items from the Tatoi Collection next to paintings and poems.

There are figures of heroes, flags, fustanellas and tsarouchia, weapons and ships, embroidery, votive offerings, woodcarvings, shadow theater puppets, household and celebration objects. From this saturation of artifacts, poems and paintings historical references emerge, heroes known and unknown, national symbols, enduring fragments of memory and contemporary figures.

Closest Metro Station: Monastiraki

Metro to Venue: 2 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility Yes


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