Vangelis Dimitreas: The Faces


04 - 31 May 2023


Ersi Gallery

Kleomenous 4, Athens


The distinguished painter and professor, Vangelis Dimitreas, created a series of portraits of international and Greek Intellectuals who belong to the recent past, part of the artist’s search for people who could serve as the symbolic antidote to an anxious, uncertain, ominous age.

Painted shortly before his death, and now more than ten years later, we remember this always thinking artist whose paintings are permeated with uncertainties and concerns that today seem to have intensified rather than subsided. In this charged period, just before the national elections, the Ersis Gallery has decided to exhibit this series of works by Vangelis Dimitreas – perhaps the most political series he created in his life.

Exhibition until 3 June.

Closest Metro Station: Evangelismos

Metro to Venue: 12 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility Yes


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