Unapologetic: I do not apologize to anybody


01 - 20 May 2023


Gallery Genesis

Charitos 35, Athens


Anita Kalimeri focuses on the various forms of the female body: heavy or slim, young or old, body muscular, in good shape, or neglected. She is fascinated by women’s relationship with their body. The relationship between a woman and the image of her body. An image that follows her from youth until her late years. Her often need to apologize for her image. To herself and to others. Kalimeri is perplexed by women’s difficulty to live in harmonious relationship with their body’s image.

For the first time she is exhibiting nude bodies in an absolutely realistic way. Her work presented in previous exhibitions was abstract art. Of course here again, the realistic figures move in an abstract space. They float in vacuum, in an unspecified surrounding. Here lies the link between her previous and her actual work.

While painting these canvases, she has tried to work in the so called “old masters way”. Preparing the canvas, drawing, applying imprimatura, grisaille, working on layers. It is a laborious and time consuming procedure, requiring long studying and exercising.

Nevertheless, her main concern remains the same: contrast, any kind of contrast between the canvas and the light. Always the light.

Closest Metro Station: Evangelismos

Metro to Venue: 5  minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility Yes


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