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Under Acupressure – A solo show by Natassa Papadopoulou


The B. & M. Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music

Leoforos Vasilissis Sofias 9, Athens


03 - 06 May 2022



The song’s refrain – under pressure – is playing on repeat, without words. Under pressure we’re breaking, but in Under Acupressure Natasha Papadopoulou upends the terms of pressure and explores ways of physical resistance. She sets up a unique pressure point massage studio – a weird space in which self-care takes on new meaning, in a critique of commodified wellness.

Energy channels, subcutaneous links, meridians from the upper back to the extremities, skin-deep paths and deeper connections with organs, tissues and words. Compressions take place on yoga mats, using bottles converted into massage rollers, while enjoying a view to the Hellenic Parliament building; linguistic tropes follow musical rhythms.

A ‘how-to’ or ‘promo’ video is on view in the reception area, and self-massage systems are available for visitors to use on the terrace. Repurposed jackets invite visitors to lie down and look at the sky; incendiary devices in the guise of beer bottles invite the visitors to roll their feet over them; leather clothing extensions are strewn on the floor. Facilitated by this array of devices, point pressure releases muscle tension and promotes blood flow, inducing relaxation or stimulation.

Exhibition hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:00-17:00, Thursday: 17:00-21:00


The event follows all required guidelines of the public health authority to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Closest Metro Station: S

Metro to Venue: 2 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility YES


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