War Souvenirs: Workshop for children aged 6 to 12


13 May 2023


National Historical Museum

Σταδίου 13, Αθήνα


This event is only be available in the Greek language.

The workshop is inspired by the exhibition “From Greater…to Contemporary Greece (Part I)” dedicated to the Asia Minor Campaign.

During their visit to the exhibt, children will learn about the famous Kütahya ceramics that were collected by Greek soldiers during the Asia Minor Campaign and brought home as souvenirs. Often cracked and broken along the way home, these ceramics are a reminder of a difficult period and extremely valuable to ceramics collectors. After viewing the exhibit, children will have the opportunity to create their own ceramic works.

Start time: 11:00

Duration: 2 hours

*Please contact the National Historical Museum at +30 210 323 7617 to reserve your place

Closest Metro Station: Syntagma

Metro to Venue: 4 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility Yes


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