Queer Movie Nights

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16 - 19 May 2024


Trianon Cinemax

Kodrigktonos 21, Athens


The queer film nights return for the 3rd year at the Triannon Cinema and the Goethe Institute, May 16-20.

A celebration of queer cinema with international productions, premieres, Greek films and special guests in the heart of Athens on the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia & Interphobia.

In total, 28 films will be screened this year, many for the first time in Greece, covering a wide range of the queer scene.

Leiv Igor Devold’s Norwegian Dream is the official opening film of the festival and will be followed by a welcome reception in the foyer.

All films will be screened with Greek and English subtitles.

In particular, we will be transported to Norway and a fish factory to witness a love affair between two workers, experience the passionate relationship between a policeman and a museum curator in 1950s Britain, and be moved by watching Empress Sisi follow a fateful path with the countess Irma. Then we’ll be transported to the love-filled streets of Paris, learn about the life of Hilma af Kidd, and get a glimpse of what goes on at night in the toilets of a club. All while learning about the true story of little Uli, who – after the death of her father – discovers secrets that will upend everything she knew about her family, gender and love.

The screenings, however, do not end here, as this year we will have the opportunity to get to know new films from the international and domestic queer cinema scene, through the respective competition sections, while we will have the opportunity to discuss with representatives of Greek queer cinema, after the screening of the relevant competition section, on Sunday 19 May at 20:00.
This year’s special guest will be Antony Hickling, director of the film “Down in Paris” who will introduce his film on Saturday 18 May at 20:00.



Thursday 16th May


Euridice, Euridice | Lora Mure-Ravaud, France, 2022, 42 minutes
Ondina is a happy and fulfilled young woman. She shares her life with Alexia, with whom she is madly in love. Their love story is passionate and carnal. But one day, Alexia flies to her native Greece and does not return.

Aikane | Daniel Sousa – Dean Hamer – Joe Wilson, USA, 2023, 15 minutes
A valiant island warrior, wounded in battle against foreign invaders, falls into a mysterious underwater world. Everything changes when the octopus who rescues him transforms into a handsome young man.

Buffer Zone | Savvas Stavrou, Cyprus, 2023, 16 minutes
Two young soldiers across enemy lines fall in love and find escape from their oppressive environments through music.

Queen Size | Avril Besson, France, 2023, 20 minutes
This morning, Marina has an appointment with Charlie to sell her a mattress. This evening, she will cancel her plane for Reunion. But they don’t know that yet.


Norwegian Dream | Leiv Igor Devold, Norway, 2023, 100 minutes
A 19-year-old Polish immigrant works at a fish factory in Norway who has feelings for his colleague. A strike begins among the Polish workers at the factory which makes their relationship to each other and to their fellow workers tested.


Friday 17th May


The Wake | Peter Ahlén, Denmark, 2023, 30 minutes
Gerda has just lost her husband. What she thought was perfect will change when she finds some letters from a male lover of her late husband. She decides to seek out the mysterious man from the letters.

Sis | Miranda Haymon, USA, 2023, 13 minutes
A woman’s curiosity in her ex-crush’s new girlfriend becomes complicated after their accidental meet at a Brooklyn party.

Masisi Wouj | Zé Kielwagen – Marcos Serafim – Steevens Simeon, Haiti, 2021, 22 minutes
In Haiti, men perceived as feminine are known as masisi. The word is often used as a slur on gay men, trans and non-binary folks. Haitian artist and activist Sanba Yonel creates a queer tribute to the Lwa, Vodou gods and goddesses who once inspired a revolution.

As Leaves In The Wind | Sofia Luz, Spain, 2023, 11 minutes
Two transgender women who migrate from their home countries seeking asylum and opportunities in a new continent.

The White Crows | Denis Liakhov, France, 2023, 17 minutes
Vlad, a young Russian homosexual in the closet, returns from Moscow to his small hometown. His brother Liokha has arranged a surprise for him: a night in the sauna with a prostitute.


My Policeman | Michael Grandage, USA, 2022, 113 minutes
Tom, a policeman in 1950s Britain, falls in love with a schoolteacher on the Brighton coast. However, he soon begins a passionate same-sex affair with a museum curator, at a time when homosexuality was illegal.


Sisi & I | Frauke Finsterwalder, Germany, 2023, 132 minutes
Countess Irma finds Empress Sisi in Greece, away from the etiquette of the court. They live in freedom, but no matter how much Irma and Sisi resist, in the end they are left with only one fatal path that will bind them together forever.


Saturday 18th May


A King, Gazing At The Sea | Jean-Sébastien Chauvin, France, 2022, 24 minutes
Paul lands in a Mediterranean seaside resort. He is enjoying a few moments by the sea, when his gaze is captured by the arrival of a muscular man. This stranger becomes his obsession, fueling a destabilizing desire.

Tsikitigklon, The Fairy And The Man | Marios Mettis, Cyprus, 2023, 15 minutes
A trans woman finds herself trapped inside the van of a mysterious man whose intentions are not what they seem to be.

Everything Is Invented | Jone Arriola Lobete, Spain, 2023, 14 minutes
Two young men relax in a bathtub and begin to philosophize about the origin and creation of the elements, until the conversation turns to more personal topics.

Red Panda Temptation / La tentation du panda roux | Haïga Jappain, France, 2023, 20 minutes
Anna, 35 years old, lives the perfect love with Marie. When she finds out she is precociously menopaused, Anna goes on a race against the clock to get pregnant. But Marie doesn’t want a child.

9th Floor To The Right | Andrea Romano, France, 2022, 16 minutes
One evening in his apartment in Belleville, Lorenzo is getting ready to receive Marvin for the first time, a boy he really likes. Marvin shows up at the door with Thomas, a homeless man he met on the street.

Becoming Ithaca | Menelas – Dimitris Pagonis, Greece, 2021, 6 minutes
A visual poem about a greek soldier and a refugee.


Down in Paris | Antony Hickling, France, 2021, 102 minutes
Richard, a film maker in his forties, is suddenly overwhelmed by anxiety during filming. He walks off set and wanders through the Paris night in search of answers, comfort, and inspiration.
Screening with the presence of the director


Hilma | Lasse Hallström, Sweden, 2022, 120 minutes
Exploring Hilma af Klint’s enigmatic life, now recognized as one of the Western world’s first abstract artists.


Sunday 19th May


ΕΧ | George Markakis, Greece, 2021, 80 minutes
While the dancefloor is mythologized as a space for connection, any committed creature of the night knows the real action takes place in the toilet cubicle – at once the club’s engine room and its “confessional” booth. The film depicts the realities of these sacred spaces with a nauseating intimacy, bundling us in with Diana and a flurry of gorgeous party people for one night of sublime chaos.
Screening with the presence of the director


Arkoudotripa (Bearcave) | Stergios Dinopoulos – Krysianna Papadakis, Greece, 2023, 38 minutes
A hike towards a mystical bear cave, an unexpected betrayal, and a party in the woods will forever change Argyro’s relationship with her best friend Anneta.

Dyosmos | Alexandros Georgios Sotiropoulos, Greece, 2023, 28 minutes
A lonely spearmint, who enjoys sunny days, unsuccessfully tries to connect with others. The plant gets picked up by a person who is going through a rough patch, isolating himself and dwelling οn the past. An unexpected friendship might blossom.

Pick A Hand | Stavros Kostopoulos, Greece, 2023, 15 minutes
Two friends at the beach. Can thoughts be transformed to words? How can a bathtub help?

Meow | Andreas Pavlou, Greece, , 22 minutes
Nefeli, a young transgender girl lives with her family in Athens after the death of her father. Her life unfolds suffocatingly since we simultaneously watch her from the “keyhole” of her house.

Protomi (Bust) | Sofia Giannitsiou Papaevangelou – Giannis Fasois, Greece, 2024, 16 minutes
It’s just a plain, classic, clay bust, painted white, but it has a soul. That is why it can speak. Another love triangle. Another soul trapped because of beauty.

Becoming Ithaca | Menelas – Dimitris Pagonis, Greece, 2021, 6 minutes
A visual poem about a greek soldier and a refugee.

A discussion with the filmmakers will take place after the screening.


Admission: 5 EUR per day

Closest Metro Station: Victoria

Metro to Venue: 5 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility Yes


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