Athens City Festival


The Athens City Festival is organized by the City of Athens for residents and visitors of all ages. The month-long spring festival features over 200 activities and events focusing on culture, entertainment, gastronomy and sports including concerts and parties at parks and squares, thematic routes for walking and cycling, picnics, guided tours to museum and gallery collections, open-air film screenings, treasure hunts and more.

The festival is organized in collaboration with the city’s creative bodies such as public and private museums, galleries, cultural foundations, collective citizens’ bodies, artists and educators.


If there is anything that Athens is mainly known for, then this is its history and its cultural heritage, old and modern. The Museums of the city participate in Athens City Festival, by offering extended visiting hours for both their permanent and periodic exhibitions, as well as by hosting small-scale events in their open spaces and courtyards.

Athens City Festival seeks to offer its visitors the choice to combine their experience in the city with the flavors and culture that characterizes the food ritual in Greece. In this context, the museums participating in the initiative, are adapting their menus in order for their cuisine to blend harmoniously with the selected wines of local producers.

Entertainment is the core of Athens City Festival. In collaboration with the most significant Athens stages and producers of smaller-scale theatrical and musical performances, the Festival aims to bring visitors in contact with a number of remarkable productions scheduled for May, as well as with a series of other cinematographic, theatrical and music events. Let us not forget that theater and music are two of Athens’ oldest and perhaps most timeless forms of artistic expression.

Outdoor leisure activities require neither a countryside nor a super fit physical condition. Athens City Festival proves it and gives its visitor the opportunity to enjoy special activities in the urban setting. On foot, or by bicycle, guests will be able to discover what is happening on the surface of Athens, but also under its surface. All that is "required" is a smile and an appetite for exploration.

ACF 2023 Annual Report