Frequently Asked Questions

The Athens City Festival is an initiative of the City of Athens organized by the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency. It aims to change the way we think about city festivals by creating opportunities for residents and visitors to discover familiar and less explored places in Athens at a wide range of artistic and cultural events.

The Athens City Festival takes place every year from May 1 to 31.

Only some events require booking. The events that are funded by the City of Athens are free for everyone and you don’t need to reserve a spot (this is indicated on the event page). Some events produced by external partners do require a ticket, and these bookings can be made through their own reservation systems (relevant information is provided on the event page).

If the event is canceled because of weather conditions or for any other reason, there will be an update on our homepage, on social media, and on the event page. If we can reschedule the event, we will provide new information about the date or location as soon as possible.

All events take place within the City of Athens. The location or starting point of each event is marked on the event page.

Accessibility is a priority. In a few cases, accessibility could not be guaranteed because of the terrain or other factors beyond the control of the organizers. Relevant information will be included on the event page.

No, the program includes many events designed for children and families. Many of the activities for children will only be offered in the Greek language.