Athena vs. Poseidon: The Battle of the Gods

Outdoor Athens

25 May 2024


17:50 - 20:00


Hadrian’s Arch

Λεωφόρος Βασιλίσσης Αμαλίας, Αθήνα


The Narratologies team presents a hybrid game for mythology lovers starting at Hadrian’s Arch. Participants are invited to solve a series of riddles by downloading an app to their mobile phone, while at various points along the route the organizers of the game will be waiting with hints.

The game revives one of the best-known stories of Greek mythology. A great battle is about to begin between the two mighty Olympian Gods, Poseidon and Athena, who want to claim the city as their own. Each god will offer a unique gift to the townspeople and earn the right to name the city. You can help Athena win! At the end of the game, the results will be announced and the winners crowned.

Meeting point: Hadrian’s Arch

Closest Metro Station: Acropolis

Metro to Venue: 2 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility No


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