From the lower bazaar to Hadrian’s Arch: Tracing the unknown history of Ottoman Athens

Outdoor Athens

18 May 2024


17:50 - 20:00


Pantanassa Church

Monastiraki Square, Athens


This activity is only available in the Greek language.

The heart of Ottoman Athens could be found in the area surrounding Hadrian’s Library. The city was a colorful and diverse mosaic made up of Orthodox churches and monasteries, mosques, foreign monks, bazaars and baths sitting closely to each other. Just a moment before the Revolution, a despised governor tore down monuments to erect a new defensive wall, leaving a mark on the city. What remains today? Starting from bustling Monastiraki and ending at Hadrian’s Gate, we will walk through Neoclassical Plaka with our eyes fixed on the unseen, searching for the echoes of Ottoman rule.

Meeting point: Monastiraki Square (outside Pantanassa)

Closest Metro Station: Monastiraki

Metro to Venue: 1 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility No


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