12th International Archaeological and Cultural Film Festival – Closing Ceremony

Entertainment  -  Cinema

26 May 2024




Olympia Municipal Music Theatre "Maria Callas"

Akadimias 59, Athens


The 12th edition of AGON International Archaeological and Cultural Film Festival is here. The organization celebrates its 28th anniversary and is happy to announce that the Selection Committee has selected the films to be included in this year’s program. From 20 to 25 May, 61 films from 22 countries will be screened at the Greek Film Archive.

For another year, the Festival invites old and new friends to enjoy watching, apart from archaeological films, a wide thematic range of films, including documentaries, reportage, fiction, animation, research, and educational films, among others, always with a focus on the human being. This year’s films are recent creations (from 2019 onwards) that will take us not only to excavation sites in Greece, Egypt, Pergamon and Mesopotamia, Madagascar, Kyrgyzstan, India… but also to Trikala.

We will also learn about forbidden love stories of antiquity, the Stone Age in Sweden, the mysteries hidden at the bottom of a lake in Turkey, the secrets of Louis XIV, the life of horsemen in pre-Christian Siberia, the legends of the Castle of Mytilene, and for the first time a prehistoric woman, Lady Sapiens, will ‘narrate’ her story. All are films that bring the science of History, Archaeology, and Folklore Studies closer to the art of cinema.

Through these films we witness the quests of the scientific community, the juggling between digital and analogue documentation in scientific research, the challenges of excavation in adverse conditions, the joy of discovery, and slowly fading traditions that are captured by the cinematic lens.



12th Awards Ceremony

50th anniversary of the invasion of Cyprus | Greece, 9 minutes
50 years after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, the Missing ones are still missing! 50 years since, their families are still desperately expecting an answer! 50 years now, the souls of the Disappeared are still restless! The film won the 1st prize in the competition: Cyprus – Greece – Diaspora, Εducational bridges.

George Dalaras in Concert


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