Discovering the western hills of Philopappos & Pnyka

Outdoor Athens

26 May 2024


17:50 - 20:00


Dionysos Zonars Parking Lot

Rovertou Galli 43, Athens


This event will only be available in the Greek language.

Lila Patsiadou will help us follow the footsteps of the great architect Dimitris Pikionis.

The hills west of the Acropolis have been an organic part of Athens from prehistoric times until today, but they remain an uncharted territory for many city residents. Their history remains visible as a fragmented residential mosaic that has long fascinated travellers who spoke of the “city of rocks.” In this natural, historical and architectural setting, antiquities emerge discreetly and evocatively through the iconic routes of Pikionis: the stopping points and the views constantly invite you to embrace the land with your eyes.

During the walk, you will follow the steps of this pioneering architect who wanted to abolish the limitations of time, creating a unique morpho-plastic language with diverse building materials.

Meeting point: Dionysos Parking Lot

Closest Metro Station: Acropolis

Metro to Venue: 11 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility No


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