National School of Dance @ Omonia Square: Day 2

Entertainment  -  Culture

30 May 2024


20:30 - 21:30


Omonia Square

Platia Omonias, Athens


Dance is an art that moves and unites. The final year students of the National School of Dance (KSOT) bring their craft to unexpected places across the city to transform urban space and bring people together.

This series of performances includes various solo and group dances inspired by Athens, Athenians, and their diversity. Each performance aims to bridge between culture and everyday life, giving passers-by the opportunity to stop, observe and indulge in a unique experience. Each dance is a small discovery, an experience that connects art with the space and the audience.

Located in the heart of Athens, KSOT has a tradition of transforming young dancers into professionals, offering a complete program covering different techniques and methods from ballet to modern dance. The students are mentored by some of the country’s most creative choreographers and teachers and their dedication and passion for dance is evident in their flawless performance technique and their ability to convey emotions through their movements.

Closest Metro Station: Omonia

Metro to Venue: 2 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility No


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