Festival of Polyphonic Songs: Adrianou Street

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14 May 2024




Holy Church of Saint Philip

Adrianou 19, Athens


Twelve polyphonic groups perform over three days to make the heart of the city resonate with songs you “either hear shuddering or else you cannot bear them,” as the poet Michalis Ganas writes. Elsewhere, as Thanasis Papakonstantinou writes, they might be “words traveling like wild horses in the air.”

Every day from 19:00 until sunset, this spring festival of polyphony will enliven the evening hours by creating musical roadblocks and crossroads made through song.

Sunday, May 12, on the viewing platform at Filopappou Hill: Three well-known expatriate groups from Epirus and a female group performing other Greek and Greek-speaking polyphony.
“”Delviniotika””, Kossovitsa, “Chaones” Folklore Association of Northern Epirus and vocal ensemble “”Io”” (polyphonies from Volaka, Corfu, Greek-speaking Lower Italy).

Monday, May 13 on the steps of Panagia Chrysospiliotissa on Aiolou Street: Five figures from different generations and approaches to polyphonic singing, in a meeting that highlights the diversity of the polyphonic community in cities today. Mourgana, Dibri, Laboratory of Pan-Pieronian Confederation of Greece, “Polyphone” (KEMFA Laboratory), “Polyphone Cafe.”

Tuesday, May 14 in the courtyard of Agios Filippos Vlassaros on Adrianou Street: Three of the best-known and most timeless polyphonic groups, with more than twenty-five years of track each, pioneers in the Polyphonic Caravan, with important international routes and awards.
Pale Ano Pogoniou, “”Lot Kurbeti”” (Albanian polyphony) and polyphonic ensemble “Haonia.”

Closest Metro Station: Monastiraki

Metro to Venue: 3 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility Yes


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