First Cemetery of Athens: Outdoor Glyptotheque

Outdoor Athens

01 June 2024


10:50 - 13:00


First Cemetery of Athens

Logginou 3, Athens


This event will only be available in the Greek language.

A guided tour of the First Cemetery of Athens by Michalis Giohalas and Athens Culture Net, in the context of Athens City Festival.

‘’Inside the cemetery of Athens, every movement of modern sculpture can be found.” Thus the sculptor Thomas Thomopoulos described the significance of the First Cemetery of Athens as an open-air sculpture gallery, a field of glory for every sculptor of Modern Greece.

This is a tour through space and time, exploring unknown aspects of Modern Greek burials, craftsmanship and sculptural creation, continuities between antiquity and the present, the passion for fame and greed, rivalries, and unrequited love satisfied only in the grave.


Meeting point: The main square outside the entrance of the First Cemetery of Athens.

Closest Metro Station: Acropolis

Metro to Venue: 13 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility No


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