Sunday at the Square of Hope


21 May 2023


Elpida Square

Platia Elpidos, Athens


Elpida Square is the Square of Hope – loved by its neighbors in Petralona and a hidden gem for Athenians to discover, and it provides all the conditions for an unforgettable spring afternoon.

Vinyls will be spinning with Brazilian dance music, romantic French chansons, yacht rock and a balearic mood that gives us the best summer vibes. From 19:00 to 22:30, Zois Chalkiopoulos (AKA Mr. Z) brings together some of the city’s finest DJs, Mister Enarto and Lil Dim, to create a soundtrack that will make us fall in love again.

Meanwhile, ParkBench and Trattoria Italia d’Onofrio, two neighborhood restaurants that prove love passes through the stomach, will prepare tasty convenient bites, while Koumparas will deliver cool beer and cocktails.


Trattoria Italia d’Onofrio menu

Vitello tonato and rucola panini
Pasta alla boscaiola
Pasta putanesca
Pasta al limone
House wine

Closest Metro Station: Petralona

Metro to Venue: 11 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility Yes


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