Sunday at the Square of Hope


19 May 2024




Elpida Square

Platia Elpidos, Athens


A Sunday @ Elpida Square

A neighborhood square, Elpida Square, located next to a busy street in Petralona, gathers boys, girls, families, and children, getting ready to experience a Sunday with a “nostalgic” feel.

A carefree Sunday afternoon stroll ends next to the dj booth, with vinyl records spreading exotic musical waves from around the world, accompanied by live percussion, HandPan, and more. Wonderful storytelling by Taxiarchis Beligiannis for all the little friends and delicious food smells until the evening.

A nostalgic Sunday – a return to the small and larger squares of the central urban fabric.

Music Travelers:
George Rallis (Vinyl digger, radio producer, and music selector)
George Christakis (Musician, percussionist, music producer)
Mister Enarto (Vinyl digger, DJ, music selector)

About the musicians:

George Rallis was born and raised in Athens in the 1980s. He showed an early interest in music, playing records and tapes at friends’ parties. A lover of different musical genres, he spent his lunch money on cassettes, CDs, and records. He currently works at the state-of-the-art music haven Underflow Records Store & Gallery. His passion for DJing remains unabated, and you can find him sharing melodies and rhythms from the farthest corners of the musical spectrum.

George Christakis is a versatile musician specializing in handpan and percussion. He is dedicated to learning and teaching these instruments, serving as an instructor at his own handpan and percussion school heka.artlab, founded in late 2023. In addition to handpan, George is a professional percussionist, specializing in drums, African percussion, and cajon. He has showcased his skills in many musical ensembles and has collaborated with various artists both domestically and internationally. George is also active as an electronic music producer and has his own recording studio. This versatile space is also used for music workshops and yoga events, offering a wide range of activities in music and wellness.

Mister Enarto, aka Panagiotis Kontaris, a collector of musical experiences, with his worldview of the arts connecting and coexisting directly with nature and man, tells us: “The love for nature and music harmoniously compose a unique approach to the world of sounds, the fantastic and the real.” A lover of vinyl and its culture, he has been counting more than twenty-five years in the ears of Athens and wider Greece. If you ask him how he characterizes his sound, he will tell you, “I don’t like labels in anything” and he hangs them up straight away. If you press him a little more, he will tell you, “My mind has been going around the phrase Sophisticated Improvisation for the past few years.” A sophisticated improvisation for adults.

Closest Metro Station: Petralona

Metro to Venue: 11 minutes walking

Wheelchair Accessibility Yes


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